For the record, the only thing I’m unhappy with in my life is how easily I became zero priority to you. I tried. And I have to just keep telling myself that there’s nothing else I could have done to try to save out friendship. Nothing makes me as unhappy as that feeling that you gave up on me.

Because I tried for so long not to give up on you.

"Dear ex best friend,"
I guess that’s what happens when you hear stories through your grapevine. My “misogynistic twat of a boyfriend,” and I are at the best place we’ve ever been, and I’m treated exactly how I deserve to be. If you hadn’t dropped off the face of the earth and completely ignored me, despite me reaching out to you numerous times, you would know that I’m happy. Thanks for your wishes,

When I say, “I miss you,”

I really do mean it. I’m not the type of person to only say those 3 words when i need something from you. If I tell you that I miss you, it means that you mean a lot to me. Not only does it mean that you have positively impacted my life, but it also means that i want you to stay. I know people come and go, and that’s life, but I’m going to be honest, want you to stay in my life.